Become a Bolt Driver

Benefits of being a Bolt Driver with Cygnet Cars

The benefits of becoming a Bolt Driver through Cygnet Cars are plentiful;


  • Be your own boss
  • Great earning potential
  • Flexible work hours
  • Have your OWN car and OWN fleet!
  • Join a growing family

Help becoming a driver in Malta

Our team will offer comprehensive help becoming a driver in Malta. The following things are needed and with Cygnet, you’ll be given assistance every step of the way with;


  • Your Cab Drivers TAG
  • Comfortable, stylish and efficient vehicles at heavily discounted prices
  • Your Bolt training
  • Heavily discounted permits and insurance
  • The lifestyle many wish for

25 years that I spent in top management in hospitality and hotel industry. It forced me to make decisions that effected the course of the business and peoples life. Joining Cygnet cars without any regrets was the best decision I have made in my professional career. Thanks to the boys from the company to give me the chance that I always wanted. Thanks guys.


What you need to be a cab driver in Malta

There is a fairly simple list of things you need to be a cab driver in Malta. Below is the list, note we can help with getting, prices and finance plans for the bottom three things.


  • Maltese ID card
  • Clean Police Conduct
  • Valid Drivers Licence
  • Permit (we assist)
  • Insurance (we assist)
  • New car (we assist)

Become a Driver

To start the journey and become a driver with Cygnet Cars, fill out the information below to begin your application

Joining Cygnet Cars was one of the best decisions I've made. I was fed up with all the false adverts and ready to give up, but now I'm relaxed and confident in my future thanks to you. And I'm sure everyone in the team feels the same way. Thank you!


At first I was a bit suspicious as it seemed too good to be true for Malta. But the Cygnet cars team have consistently put a big priority on helping me set myself up in business. Its now 8 months since I started with Cygnet cars. I now own and manage revenue from two cars and next month it will be three.


Thanks for your trust, you gave me a chance to earn good money and get my own car!


Before i was an employee with dreams that couldn't be done with the normal salary and then i found cygnet cars who gave me the opportunity to make them happen with a great deal now in 7 months owning 2 cabs and having drivers on street 24 hours i can see a bright future for me and my family. And alot more coming.


I can do €20 an hour driving with Cygnet, some guys are only getting paid €6 by other companies.


I was left stranded without a job due to a company shutting down I had to find a Job and very quick. Thats when I joined Cygnet cars on november 2018. 7 months from then I own 2 cabs and 2 drivers working for me. Thank you Cygnet cars


About Cygnet Cars

What is Cygnet Cars?

We are a company who endeavours to help the cab industry in Malta grow and become more efficient. This involves us helping people own their own car(s) and run their own fleets to make serious life changing money.


The cab business here on the island is as healthy as it’s ever been. There are more and more people moving to the island, whether permanently or simply for a holiday.

Thanks largely to the Bolt (formerly Taxify) app, people on Malta now can expect reliable, low-cost and safe cabs with the tap of a button.

The reality of the situation is there are many cab drivers who are getting the wrong end of the deal. They are being paid hourly wages by greedy bosses/companies.

We at Cygnet Cars are not employing anybody, we are partnering and empowering.

It’s our belief this creates a much more efficient and profitable business for all involved.

We at Cygnet Cars are not employing anybody, we are partnering and empowering.
It’s our belief this creates a much more efficient and profitable business for all involved.

If you are interested, we are interested.

You will be given all the information and advice you need to become your own boss. You have the ability to join this ever-expanding industry and make the good money you deserve.

Become a Driver

Investment Opportunity

About Bolt

The global innovator in ride hailing apps. Bolt can be found in at least 28 countries throughout the World. The company have more than 15 million customers globally and here on Malta the popularity is reaching incredible levels.

Bolt in Malta only began in 2017 but has already established itself as one of, if not the fastest growing company on the island.

So many people were crying out for this technology here on the island, locals and foreigners alike. There is no doubt it’s efficiency has improved the day to day for so many. There is also good reason to believe it’s helped cut down pollution, traffic and improve safety on the roads.

By being so reliable and cost effective, young people are less inclined to buy their own car and add to the road congestion.

The company has also put plenty of effort into encouraging drivers to be more responsible when it comes to drinking and driving. Why take such risks when there is an affordable and safe transport option at any hour of the day?

Cygnet Cars is proud to work with Bolt. The two companies are unified in their belief that both drivers and customers alike should receive comfort, safety and value at all times.


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